Leadership & Management

In challenging times, with sights often focused on hitting targets, it can be easy to forget the ‘people’ element of a successful organisation. Yet leaders and managers who inspire and engage their teams are more likely to realise the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximising the performance of the team.
At Dennis Associates we design our leadership development programmes to be exciting and challenging on both an intellectual and practical level. Theory is important in the development of leaders; however, individuals become more effective as they learn how to demonstrate leadership through their actions. Our programmes combine current thinking on leadership and team engagement with exercises where individuals are challenged to use their leadership abilities to solve problems and deliver results.

Through shared experiences and participation in group discussions and reviews, individuals have the opportunity to reflect on their own approach and to receive feedback on the effectiveness of their leadership actions and behaviours. This ensures that the learning is relevant and leads participants towards practical applications for behavioural and organisational change.

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