Having led numerous Kaizen events we are well qualified to help facilitate a Kaizen within your organisation. Our Kaizen activities involve collation and analysis of real data, followed by a focused event during which real changes and improvements are made by the team.

Following a structured process (DMAIC) we can help your team use appropriate Lean Sigma tools to identify and resolve key problems and sources of waste / variation.

A typical Kaizen event might be structured thus:

Data gather exercise
2 day Data Analysis to identify the key Undesirable Effects (UDE’s), create Problem Statements and brainstorm initial Solution Specifications
Obtain sponsorship for Solution Specifications (key to success)
2 week break to work up solutions, order / buy materials
3 – 4 day Kaizen event involving the whole team and resulting in real sustainable improvements / changes

It is important that at the end of the event everyone can see that there has been real physical changes and improvements as a result of the Kaizen process.

Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
Adopting just such a process we were able to facilitate a Kaizen event in a sterile manufacturing area resulting in an additional 45 days production capacity, equivalent to an additional 5.9 million vials per year, as well as reduced downtime during change-overs and improved robustness of the filling line.

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