Business Coaching
is an interactive process that is designed to help individuals to gain valuable insights into their own behaviours and thinking. It is, in the main, business related and focuses on improved performance or behaviour. It is a goal-orientated form of personal tailored development for managers and team leaders. The essential feature of Business Coaching is that it is a short-term, goal specific, action orientated, personally tailored approach to learning that utilises a strong element of feedback and offers some objectivity.

Typical areas where a Business Coach can help include:

Supporting the induction or appointment of an individual into a more senior or different role.
Accelerating the personal development of an individual defined as 'high potential'
Underpinning the effective implementation of organisational change through supporting the individual or team.
Acting as a critical friend or independent sounding board to an individual.
Supporting individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes, such as 360-degree appraisal or development centres.
Career coaching

A number of different profiling tools can be used to help individuals with their self-awareness; the two we like to use are either the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Using tools like these can help the individual understand their impact on people and can lead to improved communication, influencing and conflict resolution skills.

Managers as Coaches

Good coaching skills are essential in providing the manager with alternatives to the formal training and development courses on offer for their staff. Dennis Associates can provide training for managers to develop their coaching and personal skills to enhance individual performance and compliment formal training methods in the development of their people.

Coaching is a useful skill and can be applied to:

A formal 1-to-1 meeting
The Objective setting / Appraisal process
Improving performance issues with team members
Supporting individuals new to a role
Career coaching

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